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Founded in 2014 as another subsdiary - Rescue Restoration Plus and East 2 West Property Management Solutions provides clients with the industry-leading construction, renovation, and maintenance capabilities they need to optimize the performance of your/their real estate investments.

As established, locally owned and operated service provider, we bring the benefits of proven reliability, a professional approach to projects, and highly competitive rates to a broad clientele. Whether you own a multi-family dwelling or small business; invest in hotels, apartment complexes, and other income-producing properties; or manage residential or commercial real estate for clients, our core strengths and excellent customer service skills make us the ideal partner for your asset enhancement needs.

  • Decades of combined property management experience
  • Comprehensive knowledge of construction methods and materials
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A genuine commitment to making a positive contribution to the economic health and quality of life in the communities where we work

For the right asset enhancement solution at the right price, contact East 2 West Property Management Services today.

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